About the Book

Information Age Management - Book CoverInformation Age Management: How to Increase Productivity by Getting the Best Out of Contractors, Vendors, Telecommuters, and Other Geeks in a Rapidly Changing Workplace is an e-Book designed for the modern-day manager – whether you’re an information systems manager, a project manager, or a small business owner whose success depends on making the most of modern technologies and hiring, keeping, and getting the best out of modern personnel.

Information Age Management is written by Jason Cotman, a fourteen year veteran of information systems deployment and management, who spent eight of those years in the “Web Design Wars.” It is available as an Amazon Kindle e-book as well as an ePub/NOOKBook through Barnes and Noble.

The text of Information Age Management is written in plain-English and is laced with humor and comic illustrations and it is primarily a step-by-step how-to. The appendix to Information Age Management is a reference guide to modern buzzwords and a crash course on the modern technologies you’re likely to encounter – particularly the ones that make your upgrade to Information Age Management successful. The appendix is also sold separately under the title Information Age Management::The Technology Appendix: The Standalone Guide to Modern Buzzwords and the Technologies that Support Your Upgrade to Information Age Management.

To learn more, read the Introduction to Information Age Management, below. You can also view the Table of Contents or read a sample chapter.

From the Introduction of Information Age Management:

The sort of management you may have learned in business school grew up during the period in history when waiting until Monday morning to check your bank balance was normal; now that’s preposterous. Management methods need to become as flexible as the services we use every day in order to continue to be taken seriously. This requires a shift in thinking that I refer to as an upgrade to Information Age Management. Performing this upgrade means enhancing your offering to your workers, usually saving money in the process, and it results in increased satisfaction and productivity.

We will see how you can change your expectations to fit in with a new world yet end up with old-fashioned results. We will learn how to find and keep good workers and how to deal with tech-savvy and often non-conformist personnel. We’ll learn how to satisfy your superiors and we will see how upgrading to Information Age Management will make you look smart, get you promoted, and give you more time to play golf.