What Buzzwords Need a Clear Definition for You?

Information Age Management::The Technology Appendix - Cover[Updated April 20, 2016:]

I’m soliciting suggestions for terms to explain to my readers, since I’m about to start finishing the second edition to the last section of my first book.

In less silly language, The Technology Appendix, which was part of the back matter of Information Age Management and which was also published separately in 2011, is going to be spun off into its own book in late 2016. I want to update it with new terms that the average manager is likely to run into. “SaaS, semantic web, mobile web, Drupal, and MVC” were a few of the big terms in 2011. What did you run into for the first time in 2015? “Chef, puppet?” “Sass,” not to be confused with “SaaS?”

The idea behind the book is to give the reader a heads up and some basic context, and – hopefully – to make him or her sound a little smarter, because hopefully he or she will be a little smarter after reading the book.

So if you have any suggestions, please send me an e-mail or even better: post them on twitter: @jasoncotman.