From InfoWorld: “The IT certs that no longer pay extra”

There’s a very interesting article from Bill Snyder at InfoWorld: “The IT certs that no longer pay extra — and the new skills that do” (click for article)

Mr. Snyder finds evidence that companies are looking for a new breed of manager: the tech/manager hybrid. Presumably taken from the ranks of their technical employees, it is hoped that this new breed of manager will understand IS/IT systems better than their traditional counterparts. What I want to know is: will they be able to manage?

That depends on the person, of course. But more to the point, this effort is a sign that traditional management isn’t working anymore. And although some geek/manager hybrids will work out wonderfully, it behooves any current manager to better acquaint himself with the techniquies in my book, Information Age Management. Information Age Management solves the problems with traditional management but it doesn’t require that all managers become engineers. Rather, they need to follow the techniques in the book and embrace the modern world.

That’s not to detract from Mr. Snyder’s very good article, which is definitely worth a read:,1″