Goodbye, Skype

No SkypeBecause of Microsoft’s pattern of breaking its software security, I have to rescind my previous comments, both in my book and on this blog, in support of Skype, which has been owned by Microsoft for some time.

Skype was never open source but it was still quite reliable and the NSA’s continued failure to get anyone to crack its encryption (disscussed in my book) suggested to me that it had good security, as far as one can guess at such things in a closed-source system.

But now, Skype is a Bad Actor. It gets added to services like Google Voice, which, you know, Do Not Use.

I suppose you could still use Skype for IM, and for the time being I still am doing so. But I’m phasing out my phone number as quickly as possible and won’t do any more Skype voice chatting.

We can only wonder how many more of these disappointing revelations are going to become apparent in the coming weeks with the leaks in the news of late.

[Edit July 2016: I’ve switched to Ekiga and/or Jitsi. Contact me if you’d like to share details and do comms correctly.]