1 Year Anniversary :: New Pricing on Information Age Management

Information Age Management - Book CoverTo celebrate the one-year anniversary of the publishing of Information Age Management :: How to Increase Productivity by Getting the Best Out of Contractors, Vendors, Telecommuters, and Other Geeks in a Rapidly Changing Workplace, the price of both books have been slashed!

At Amazon.com and BN.com, you can get the Kindle versions or the NOOK versions of Information Age Management for $2.99, and Information Age Management :: The Technology Appendix is available for only $0.99.

Many thanks to the folks who have purchased, read, and given feedback about the books over the past year. Know that you were on the vanguard and hopefully, you benefited from the information and skills you gained. Now everyone else can experience Information Age Management, even if they were sitting on the fence before. But don’t worry: those of you who bought the book this past year will still have a headstart on them!